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With prayer and confessing God's word, Jo chose to use photoshoot sessions as a practical and therapeutic tool to remain a healed confident person in the Kingdom of God from depression and low self-esteem.  After experiencing depression during the process of a divorce from 2013 to years later and the first photoshoot in 2017 encouraged by Cherise Nicole at Cherise Nicole Media, Jo saw this session as a blessing in disguise to help heal her.  Each session thereafter offered beautiful hair, makeup and wardrobe makeovers that ignited motivation and excitement for her next one.

Photoshoot sessions became a therapeutic tool that helped Jo develop confidence and her discovering healthy versions of herself.  It was like God used this tool to positively transform her mindset about her.

Now, Jo continues with her own annual photoshoot and coaches others, especially women struggling with low self-esteem or a painful past to first allow God's word to transform their mindset about themselves, and then experience photoshoot sessions to assess their confidence level. It's being healed for yourself and then to/for others.

Lastly as Jo says often, "It's nothing like a healed confident person who knows their value, who and whose they are, and their divine purpose and assignment. This person is priceless and unstoppable for the glory of God!"

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