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Prophetess Jo Allison has made such a great impact in my life!!  She has such a pure heart for ministering to hurting women from all walks of life and ethnicities, and also to our lost children (generation-x/millenials).  No one is too great or too small for her to take out time to minister to their needs.  She knows how to relate on every level. 


I’ve seen her, first-hand, take her many life experiences and used them to upbuild the women of God to let them know that HE is a healer and a deliverer!!!  Her love for God and HIS people shows in everything that she does.


Fresh Oil Fresh Fire, Inc., and Jo Allison Ministries has been a great blessing to many through workshops, conferences and feedings, all geared to meet the needs of the total man (woman).


Truly, I have been blessed by the Anointing that’s on Prophetess Jo Allison’s life.  She is a yielded vessel unto God that has been and is a great encouragement to me in my walk with the Lord.

So, I salute you my sister with Jo Allison Ministries & Fresh Oil Fresh Fire, Inc!  I pray that God showers you with HIS many, many blessings to meet your every need as you continue to upbuild His Kingdom for His glory.

The Late Evangelist Andrea Brown (9/30/21)
Friend and Sister in Christ

Prophetess JoAnne Allison, we were so delighted to have you as the speaker for my 54th Birthday Celebration/Revival.  The Lord moved in a mighty way and the house was blessed with your preaching, prophesying and music ministry.  It was truly an unforgettable experience!


Know though that the Lord is taking you to another level to reach the masses. Your ministry will move in ways you never thought could ever happen.  Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have it entered into the heart of man, the things God hath prepared for You Woman of God!


Bless you My Sister For Life.

Pastor Robert L. Davis

You are truly a Blessing to the Kingdom!  God has His Hand on you!!!  We were blessed by God’s prophetic word with confirmation that WE ARE CHOSEN VESSELS OF HONOR.

I decree and declare everything the devil stole from you God is going to give back to you greater in miracles in Jesus' name!  Love you for real Woman of God!!!

Pastor Angie Spivey

Prophetess JoAnne Allison, you are a True Treasure, clothed in humility of heart and adorned in God's Glory.  You are such an intricate part of the Kingdom.


Thank for for serving as our Guest Intercessory Prayer & Music Worship Leader. The Best is Yet To Come!


Love you💕🙏🏽💗

Evangelist Angelic' Stewart

I had such an Amazing time with my God Mommy Jo Allison at the Birthing Vision Board Workshop!!!  When I tell you she covered all bases and had us do various assessments to help us prioritize to capture our vision so we may go forth in achieving our goals in EVERY aspect of our lives, she did!!!


Further, God Mommy is such a huge influence in my life, and I'm so proud of everything she's doing in her Ministry!  I will never miss opportunities to learn from her #LeapBabyLeap

Dominique Davis

I was at The Birthing Vision Board Workshop and I tell you being in the presence of Godly Women was Awesome.  We prayed together, we laughed and cried, and encouraged each other.  Words shared by Prophetess at this Workshop are going to be a daily encouragement to me.


Thank you Prophetess Jo Allison for an Amazing time.  I was truly Blessed!

La Rhonda Butler

Prophetess JoAnne has been a major blessing in my life!  She is so anointed and so on time with the word from God!  She is a true vessel and a real woman of God that walks the talk.  She definitely has been called by Him!  I love her and the work she does for the homeless through Fresh Oil Fresh Fire and women empowerment via Jo Allison Ministries.


So grateful to be a part.  Love you!

Bee Mathis

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