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Inspiring women to be transformed and productive for the glorification of God, personal betterment and empowerment with motivational events like #TheBIRTHING Vision and Entrepreneur Events for Women:  conferences, workshops, seminars, award luncheons and more.


JoAnne Allison, aka Jo Allison and Momma Jo, is a loving-caring soul that believes in presenting her best in all that she does.  She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies and a Minor in Inner City Studies from Northeastern Illinois University. She worked for more than 20 years as a certified secretary for corporate companies before retiring. She now pursues several endeavors that she is very passionate about.  Jo is an entrepreneur, inspirational speaker, a psalmist in her own right and more.  These pursuits are very close to her heart.  Currently, she is completing her very first publication and CD single to be released -- stay connected for dates.

Jo resides in Illinois with her three sons Joseph Michael, Joshua Nicholas, and Jeremiah.  She loves studying the Scriptures, public speaking, singing and interior decorating.  In her spare time, she enjoys inspirational entertainment and walking.


Jo credits God for the pivotal role in her many achievements in life.

1976 | Licensed as Evangelist in Church of God In Christ (COGIC)

1990 | Sallie Martin Award Nominee Special Recognition in Gospel Music

1996 | Former President of Evangelist Department of Corinthian Temple COGIC

1998 | Prophetess to the Nations Appointment - the Late Bishop Bennie Allison 

1999 | Former National Intercessory Prayer Director of Music Department COGIC

2003 | Former Director of Spiritual Empowerment of Illinois Midwest Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction COGIC

2004 | Assisted in Organizing New Beginning Ministries COGIC - Elder James C. Wiggins, Pastor

2007 | Founded Fresh Oil Fresh Fire Inc.

2015 | State of Illinois Certified Paraprofessional

2015 | Member of the National Association of Professional Women

2018 | Director Intercessory Prayer Ministry of Corinthian Temple COGIC

2019 | Founded Jo Allison Ministries

2019 | Elevated to National Evangelist COGIC

2020 | Member of International Society

of Female Professionals (ISFP)

2020 | Certified Life Purpose Life Coach 

Foremost, more than just an entrepreneur, speaker and gifted artist, Jo Allison's reason to found her own non-profit organization, Fresh Oil Fresh Fire Inc., continues to be the reason she takes great joy in maximizing every opportunity to fulfill her purpose.  She is a multifaceted woman, mother, visionary and change agent who continues to be a highly revered Woman of Faith, sharing the Good News and her own transformed life across the country and abroad.